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#TBF20 Takeaway: Venues managing social distancing

3D Digital Venue has integrated its social distancing tool with more than 100 venues around the world since its launch in April, allowing clients to maximise ticketing revenues while maintaining distancing rules, co-founder Francis Casado revealed.

Speaking during a session at this year’s TheTicketingBusiness Forum 2020, Casado reveals the details behind how the firm’s algorithm can support venues in finding their optimum venue capacity with social distancing in place. Attendees can watch the session back here.

The Barcelona-based firm’s service allows managers to access interactive virtual reconstructions and perform different types of simulations to help venue owners decide on new business models to achieve the most profitable scenario to reactivate the sports and entertainment industries.

He noted that it can help operators at stadiums and performing arts venues welcome fans at up to 35-per-cent capacity by finding the best combination of single seats, doubles, triples etc to optimise capacity.

Casado explains that the tool allows venues to highlight different areas, such as VIP sections, into different pricing tiers, as its main technology is attached to ticketing platforms.

In order to create a model with social distancing in place, 3D Digital Venue needs to receive season ticket holders’ ID numbers and their priority order, as well as venue sections and their category assignments. The tool will create an output tool for allocated members, as well as a discarded file for the unassigned members that operators can relaunch in a second wave.

Casado said: “We have been integrating this tool with more than 100 clients around the world. We’ve been helping them, especially in the US where the government has different restrictions compared with European ones, helping Texas, Florida and a couple of events in California have been able to run with fans up to 50-per-cent capacity. They have been using the tool and they have been quite happy with the results so far.

“We also implemented it with three experiences in Belgium because they had the capacity to do it. The results are quite promising and we really look forward to seeing if we will continue using this for at least for the next six months or so.”

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