Roboticket’s socially distanced feature, which it developed earlier this year in response to COVID-19, helped its clients deliver more than 50 games topping out at about 17,500 fans between March and September.

Speaking at TheTicketingBusiness Forum 2020, Rick Jurkiewicz, director of Roboticket and head of ticketing at the Rugby Football League (RFL), dived into his work at the technology company and how he is supporting their campaign to bring their automation to UK businesses looking for another way to deliver their ticketing strategy.  Attendees can watch the session back here.

In the post-COVID world, Jurkiewicz questions how ticket offices should react when fans eventually come back in full force, and with the prospect of many clubs continuing on as they were, he asks whether they will be ready for the return of supporters.

“It’s about having the bandwidth in identifying gaps and creating something new,” Jurkiewicz said. “One thing we can probably agree on is that our world is not going to go back to what it was before COVID.”

While he assures fans that he is not advocating for the elimination of the ticket office or to lay waste to part-time workers, Jurkiewicz says it’s time for fresh ideas in ticketing with the industry in need of modern techniques.

He said: “Ticketing should be looking to carve itself a new future where a socially distanced seating plan can be enabled with a click of a button.

“Roboticket can look to help businesses with the digitalisation of ticket operations. It’s looking at trying to ticket the same way we are by eliminating the bottlenecks in the process and reducing the human effort required to serve fans by making it easier for fans to get the service they want.

“Roboticket aren’t afraid of trying to do something different and perhaps something better.

“The platform’s architecture is designed to connect to everything that will accept a data feed. Even if it’s a less developer-friendly connection – it will connect. That’s the beauty of working with a technology partner. There’s no legacy platform you have to build on so no ties to ‘that’s how we’ve always done it.’”

Images: Przemysław Szyszka – Lech Poznań