Scotland’s Sports Minister Joe FitzPatrick has today (Thursday) announced a £55m (€60.3m/$73.1m) emergency sports funding package to tackle lost ticketing revenue caused by COVID-19.

The funding will include grants and low-interest loans, with £30m to be provided across all levels of Scottish football and £20m to Scottish rugby. Further funding will be made available for basketball (£300,000), netball (£100,000), motorsport (£400,000), horse racing (£2m) and ice hockey (£200,000), as well as £2m for ice rinks to support the country’s curling programmes and recreational and professional skating.

Of the £55m package, £20m in loan funding will be provided for the top-tier Scottish Premiership and £10m in grants for all other levels below the Premiership, including non-league and women’s football. The £20m set aside for Scottish rugby will comprise £15m in grants and £5m in loan funding.

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Image: Calum404/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size