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Movistar Arena Colombia reopens with Covid-safe protocols

Movistar Arena in Bogota, Colombia has this month reopened its doors to fans after implementing a Covid-safe biosecurity system, which includes SecuTix’s social distancing ticketing tool.

The 14,000-capacity venue uses the cloud-based ticketing platform’s algorithm, which automatically blocks off surrounding seats when tickets are booked to ensure Covid-19 distancing restrictions are maintained as crowds return. The arena has also implemented a shift entry scheduling system to minimise queues and manage the flow of people.

In addition, Movistar Arena has installed a bioclimatic ventilation system, which circulates fresh air by expelling hot air through a skylight located on the roof of the arena, resulting in a constant change of air, approximately eight times per hour.

The Colombian venue has implemented other changes in order to keep fans, staff and artists safe amid their return following its closure due to Covid-19 earlier in the year. These include disinfection points, temperature checks and cashless transactions, among other elements.

The first event since reopening its doors saw family show Misi Llego la Navidad welcome more than 1,000 attendees per show, with 10 performances planned for the season.

Following that, a fundraising event welcomed 2,000 people for a 10-hour show that included comedians, singers, artists and actors. The event managed to raise more than one billion pesos for donations.

Looking ahead to 2021, the Movistar Arena begins its year of entertainment with Chavela Por Siempe Vargas, an original production by Bizarro Colombia and +Cultural. The venue says the event is “a tribute to one of the most important artists in Latin America, with 23 performances that promise to be a celebration and reunion with culture.”