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#TBF20 Takeaway: Adding value in booking with 3D

More than 150 venues are using PACIFA-decision’s 3D seat modelling technology in order to create added detail to their ticket booking flow by providing a 360-degree view from every seat in the venue, including hospitality services.

Speaking at TheTicketingBusiness Forum 2020, Bruno Munzer, the chief technology officer at PACIFA-decision, details the benefits of using 3D implementation in conjunction with a ticketing partner. Watch the full session here:

PACIFA’s technologies use an API that can be plugged into any kind of ticketing system or web services, and currently works with 12 ticketing partners, including AudienceView, SecuTix, Ticketmaster, and Eventim.

In the session, Munzer highlights how the technology allows fans to get an immersive view from their seat after the firm models the stadium or venue from CAD drawings, while also including key details such as potential reflections and shadows from each seat to provide a full picture of the real-life viewing experience.

PACIFA’s clients can also include sponsor logos in the virtual model and can add virtual crowds via 3D avatars to add a more realistic view of a full-capacity live event.

Munzer explains: “We have used our technology for different purposes, including general audience sales, VIP hospitality promotion and security and safety.

“We are providing the best quality on the market because we are using architectural purpose with state-of-the-art rendering software and experts.”

PACIFA has provided 3D modelling for many big name clients across sport, theatre and concert venues, including Real Madrid’s 88,000-seat Santiago Bernabeu and the 5,000-seat Opera National De Paris.

Save the date: TheTicketingBusiness Forum 2021 takes place between 21-23 June, 2021…