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Samsung unveils drive-in concert platform

Samsung has launched new technologies and platforms to support in-car experiences for drive-in concerts.

With concerts and live events around the world being shuttered for almost 10 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, drive-in events have become more popular as a means to offer entertainment while keeping fans socially distanced in their own cars.

With this in mind, through its wholly owned subsidiary Harman, Samsung has launched Live Interactive Virtual Experience (L.I.V.E.) platform offering “remote and socially distant concertgoers the ability to directly interact with the venue, the artist, and the music” from their cars or even from home.

The system is a two-way setup, allowing fans to “cheer, make song requests, vote for the next song played or request that a specific instrument be featured in the next solo” as a means of interacting with the performer. In addition, performers can receive these messages and respond accordingly.

The “fan space” hub on the L.I.V.E. platform gives the artist a sense of the “energy, enthusiasm and applause from fans directly to the artist via in-venue screens and lighting elements.”

The platform, which runs on 5G enabling real-time access to bios and lyrics, among other things, can be installed in software beyond the car, including apps for desktop and mobile, which fans can use to select a variety of camera angles and use the company’s Personi-Fi technology to customise the audio to their preferences.

Harman has also launched a Personal Audio Headrest, which provides a more immersive surround sound experience that can be customised according to each car’s drive-in concert preferences.

It also has an option to add mechanised wings in the headrest, which deploy for a more immersive experience and retract on-demand to resemble a traditional automotive headrest.

Frank Moffa, senior vice-president and general manager for car audio at Harman, said: “With traditional live events being put on pause, the demand for live music experiences is higher than ever. As a result, we’ve entered a new era of music enjoyment, with live concert-streaming and drive-in concerts taking center stage.

“At Harman, we understand that music and experience are deeply intertwined. Our commitment to ensuring the greatest experiences per mile is brought to life through our latest audio innovations.

“Powered by decades of acoustic expertise combined with our leading connected technologies, the vehicle can be transformed into the embodiment of a live concert with features that only Harman can deliver – ensuring fans can enjoy that undeniable energy and magic of a live performance no matter where they are.”