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Spinzo launches ID tech for military, first responder ticket discounts

Promotional ticketing platform Spinzo has launched its new GovX ID verification technology, which allows North American venues and sports teams to easily activate military and first responder ticket discounts.

The GovX ID platform instantly and securely verifies customers’ group affiliations online, including backgrounds in service-related communities like military, law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services, and more.

The Canadian headquartered firm, which serves clients in the US, Canada, and Australia, powers custom-branded interactive ticket sales promotions with social sharing incentives. Venues offering limited engagement events like Military Nights and Firefighter Appreciation Days can instantly engage customers eligible for discounts through GovX ID verification.

“Spinzo has fully embedded GovX ID technology to ensure branded verification flows seamlessly as part of the purchase experience,” said Austin Noonan, senior manager of partnerships at GovX, which is the largest military and government exclusive ecommerce site in the US. “We love the service that Spinzo provides to sports teams and venues. Having a complete set of GovX verification tools within their platform permits a much wider set of promotional concepts.”

Spinzo’s ticket purchase technology, which has competitive leaderboards, fan experience tracking, and fundraising capabilities, is used widely in the NHL, NBA, NFL, and other leagues.

Emmanuel Elmajian, founder and chief executive of Spinzo, said his company is seeing more clients wanting to offer special promotions exclusive to members of the military, first responders, and teachers.

He said: “There is a trend toward verified exclusivity in the marketplace. The integration of GovX ID verification at the pricing level of Spinzo’s platform will enhance the overall offering.”

GovX ID Verification is available immediately within Spinzo and can be used for any promotion.