Euroleague Basketball has stepped up its partnership with strategic consulting firm N3XT Sports to accelerate its digital transformation, with a revamped ticketing approach to form part of the governing body’s new direction.

As part of the three-year deal, N3XT Sports will support Euroleague Basketball’s digital campaigns through data-powered platforms to offer fans a hyper-personalised and best-in-class experience.

Euroleague Basketball, which organises the EuroLeague and EuroCup club competitions, will adopt a ‘know-your-fan’ approach, with a focus to be placed on new revenue streams and a scalable tech framework for mobile, web, fan- and partner-facing applications.

The body will use data across ticketing, sponsorship, ecommerce and campaigns, and deliver new value and better outcomes across business processes. The partnership with N3XT Sports is also designed to enable faster application deployments and enhanced security.

Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, marketing and communication senior director at Euroleague Basketball, said: “Innovation is part of Euroleague Basketball´s DNA as it is fundamental to achieve one of our main goals, to engage, entertain and excite people about the EuroLeague. With the support of N3XT Sports, we are looking to transform our digital platforms to face our future challenges having more efficient, agile and modern tools while maintaining our position at the avant-garde of innovation.”

N3XT Sports has already delivered a comprehensive league-wide digital assessment for Euroleague Basketball. The two parties have worked on several strategic initiatives in the past, including the Club Transformation Fund and the Euroleague Basketball FanXP Innovation Challenge.

N3XT Sports will develop the Euroleague Basketball partnership through its digital arm, N3XT Sports Labs. For the first two phases of the partnership, N3XT Sports worked on reviewing data relating to Euroleague Basketball’s data and digital assets to develop a holistic snapshot of the body’s digital maturity.

Mounir Zok, chief executive of N3XT Sports, added: “We are thrilled to continue this working relationship with Euroleague Basketball, one of the prime sports properties in the world and an organisation that has positioned itself as a benchmark. They continue to stay at the forefront of innovation by going through this digital transformation process that will enable the entire organisation to work more efficiently, automate processes, generate new digital assets and new revenue streams, and centralise all their data (for) fans.”

N3XT Sports’ operational headquarters are based in Barcelona and the team also has a presence in France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and the US.

Image: N3XT Sports