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Tix signs first Dutch client

Tix, the Icelandic arts ticketing platform, has announced its first client in The Netherlands.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Theater aan de Parade,” says Founder and CEO Sindri Már Finnbogason (pictured left). “We have already started to prepare the implementation with a ‘go-live’ date later this month.”

Located in the provincial capital of ’s-Hertogenbosch, the theater provides a diverse mix of international, national and local arts productions, as well as acting as a host venue for festivals, amateur productions, carnival activities, exhibitions and special projects.

Theater aan de Parade was previously ticketed by SeatGeek but, as TheTicketingBusiness reported in November, the New York-based ticketing group announced its withdrawal from the Benelux arts sector last month, leaving some 50+ clients a year to find alternative provider.

Affected venues include the high-profile Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam along with Rotterdam International Film Festival, Opera Antwerp, a network of 18 arts organisations around Bruges (which are cross-selling on the platform), another cluster of four arts organisations around Leuven and a range of mid-size theatres.

In addition to its expansion into The Netherlands, Tix also announced the formation of a new subsidiary to serve the UK arts ticketing market.