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Fans barred from Australian Open

The Australian Open is set to head behind closed doors from tomorrow (Saturday) after Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews announced a five-day, state-wide lockdown in an effort to contain a new COVID-19 outbreak.

The announcement from Andrews today came after a group of cases linked to a quarantine program at a hotel at Melbourne Airport rose to 13 on Thursday night, with five new cases reported, including two household contacts of existing cases.

Andrews said in a statement: “In the past 24 hours, five new cases have been identified. It shows just how incredibly infectious this virus is. And our public health team tell us it’s only getting faster.

“Right now, we are reaching close contacts well within the 48-hour benchmark. But the time between exposure, incubation, symptoms and testing positive is rapidly shortening. So much so, that even secondary close contacts are potentially infectious within that 48-hour window. In short: this hyper-infectious variant is moving at hyper-speed.”

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Image: Christian Wittmann/CC BY-NC 3.0/Edited for size