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Two Bristol venues join forces to support each other amid COVID-19

Two independent music venues in Bristol have teamed up to support each other as they struggle amid the COVID-19 enforced closures.

The Louisiana and Exchange have launched a joint Patreon page, which allows fans to offer support through monthly donations in exchange for a variety of rewards.

It offers three tiers of subscriptions, with fans able to give £3 a month without benefits other than “an enormous sense of wellbeing”, while £7 allows early ticket access and discounted merchandise.

It has already sold out of its highest-priced tier, which included a limited number of £20 per month subscriptions that entitles fans to one free gig per month at each venue, among other perks.

At time of writing 58 people have signed up for the platform, with the two venues earning over £536 per month.

The 250-capacity Exchange and the 140-capacity Louisiana said on their Patreon page: “The coronavirus pandemic has brought our whole industry to its knees, and the knock-on effects are likely to be seen for years to come.

“As we rebuild ourselves to the point where we can deliver the same amazing live music experience you’ve come to expect, and diversify how we can support arts and creatives through online and live streamed shows, every single penny raised will go directly back into allowing us to continue to survive and create opportunities and experiences for the Bristol independent music community.”

Image: Jaggery / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Edited for size