Ticketmaster has grouped the first of its International markets together into four regions, including Central Europe, North West Europe, Northern Europe, and UK & Ireland.

In a message to the Live Nation-owned ticketing giant’s team, global president Mark Yovich explains that in a step toward “becoming a single, global team,” the regional teams will be supported by global operating functions who will be working to deliver standardisation and greater scalability.

He said: “The goal here is for the teams within each of these regions to work closer together at every level, capitalising on and sharing local expertise, resources and best practice.”

The Central Europe region includes Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Poland. Klaus Zemke (pictured left), who is the managing director of Ticketmaster in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, will become the regional vice-president.

The Central European leadership team also includes Simona Matějková (pictured right), managing director, Czech Republic; George Egloff, chairman of Switzerland and senior director of Central Europe; and Katarzyna Suska, managing director of Poland.

Zemke said: “As we eventually steer ahead out of COVID and team up with our Central European neighbours, I am confident that we will all benefit greatly from the resources and knowledge shared across our organisations, providing long-term value to our teams, clients and fans alike.”

Ticketmaster’s North West European region includes the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium. It will be led by Jakob H Lund (pictured centre right), who is also the managing director of Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium.

He will be joined by Aukina Buining, chairman of the Netherlands and Dieter Kraewinkels, vice-president business solutions and development, EMEA.

Lund said: “The North West Europe Region will be an enabler of cross-border cooperation and integration – building us back better than ever before as we return to live, securing growth and progress. I know the teams are raring to go, ready for the challenges that lay ahead. Together we can achieve great things, especially with our fantastic Ticketmaster colleagues across the region who are so passionate and proud of what they do and who they represent.”

Northern Europe, including Norway, Sweden and Finland, will be led by Kristian Seljeset, regional vice-president, Northern Europe and managing director, Norway, Sweden & Finland.

“After working closer together over the last few years, becoming a region is a natural step to strengthen our local business in Finland, Sweden and Norway,” Seljeset said. “This will empower us to be even more client and fan centric. I’m really looking forward to the massive opportunities the regional and global co-operation will bring to our team, clients and fans when we return to live.”

Finally, the UK and Ireland region will be led by Andrew Parsons (pictured centre left), the regional vice-president, UK and Ireland and managing director, UK. He will be joined by Keith English, the managing director of Ireland.

Parsons said: “We are built to last and know that when the lights do come back up we will together have developed new and matchless scale to accompany the local knowledge and relationships that will continue to drive our business forward.”

Image: Ticketmaster