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Charlotte FC to bring PSL model to Major League Soccer

Charlotte FC is to become the first team to bring a personal seat licence (PSL) model to Major League Soccer (MLS) as it announced ticket prices for its inaugural season.

The expansion team is to make its MLS debut in 2022 and will play at the Carolina Panthers’ vast 75,000-capacity Bank of America Stadium.

Charlotte will charge fans a one-off cost of between $350 and $900 to acquire a PSL, with season ticket prices then added on top. According to the local Charlotte Observer newspaper, the team’s tickets will be the priciest in the MLS.

The most expensive PSL and ticket combination at Bank of America Stadium would cost a fan $2,880, which works out at around $110. The cheapest combination would be $980, which would be $35 per match.

Despite the club claiming the money generated by PSLs can be reinvested, fans have not wholly backed the scheme.

Local football fan Cody Arnold tweeted that the club had told him PSLs would be commonplace in the MLS by 2022.


He added: “Soccer in Charlotte was supposed to be inclusive, not exclusive. Pricing out what would be loyal fans is inexcusable. Can’t see many willing to pay this (during a pandemic!) for what they’d get.”

Charlotte FC said: “A seat licence is a one-time purchase that provides the exclusive right to your specific seat(s) for Charlotte FC matches played at Bank of America Stadium.

“The purchase of a seat license protects your right to lower-level seating at Bank of America Stadium and allows you to pass your seat licence down to family members or re-sell them to a third party of your choosing. A seat licence provides exclusive benefits throughout the year such as partner offers, insider access to Charlotte FC news and events, and merchandise discounts.

“In addition, your seat licence purchase will help contribute to creating a top-level match day experience through a number of soccer-specific changes to the stadium and fan enhancements. A 12-month interest free payment plan is available. Seat licences are required in all areas outside of the Supporters Section.”