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CTS Eventim nets Borussia Mönchengladbach deal

German Bundesliga football club Borussia Mönchengladbach has signed an extensive ticketing partnership with CTS Eventim.

Under the agreement, the club will handle its ticket sales for home matches at its 54,022-capacity Borussia-Park using the Eventim.Tixx software provided by Eventim Sports.

While no exact timeframe for the agreement was disclosed, the ticketing and live entertainment firm said the partnership has been “designed for the long term.”

The deal also includes substantial integration of the ticketing operation within Borussia’s IT systems, allowing fans to use a single login identity for all the web applications.

Borussia chief executive, Stephan Schippers, said: “By partnering with Eventim, we want to and will be optimising the service we provide our fans when selling tickets to our home matches, and modernising ourselves on a sustainable basis by expanding our electronic ticketing.”

In addition, through Eventim’s Tixx-Clubsale secondary ticketing solution, tickets can be purchased and resold directly in Gladbach’s online ticket shop.

Karsten Elbrecht, managing director of Eventim Sport, added: “We are pleased to welcome Borussia Mönchengladbach as another top club in Germany that has decided to adopt our digitalisation solutions. Borussia Mönchengladbach is one of the best-managed clubs in Germany and a pioneer in terms of innovation and digitalisation.

“So we are all the more pleased that Borussia has placed its trust in the expertise we have gained over many years on the sports market. We look forward to working with one of the most successful and long-standing clubs in Germany.”

The news comes after CTS Eventim released its 2020 financial report earlier this week. The organisation remains positive for 2021 despite reporting a revenue fall of more than 82 per cent in 2020 to €256.8m (£221m/$305m), which was down from €1.4bn the prior year.

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