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Boston Symphony Orchestra engages True Tickets

Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has teamed up with contactless digital ticketing service True Tickets to support its reopening plans later this year amid COVID-19.

Under the agreement, the Boston-based company will help the orchestral organisation enhance its ticket delivery as well as improve health and safety protocols via its contactless ticketing service to aid bringing live performances back to the stage.

While Boston’s Symphony Hall is the BSO’s indoor venue, the orchestra is set to reopen for live in-person performances at open-air music venue Tanglewood, its summer home since 1937.

By shifting to digital ticketing, the venues can bypass will call and physical ticket transactions, minimising contact between guests and colleagues.

Alexandra Fuchs, BSO chief operating officer, said: “As we look towards reopening Tanglewood in July, we are thrilled to be working with True Tickets to help ensure the safest and most customer-friendly experience for both our loyal patrons and all newcomers to the BSO’s many programs this summer.

“True Tickets offers convenience and transparency on the ticketing front as we bring people safely together again.”

With digital ticketing, the BSO will be able to communicate with ticket holders before and during an event to share updated policies and procedures around pandemic-related protocols and plans for Tanglewood’s reopening this summer.

In addition, True Tickets will aid the BSO in creating further opportunities to engage with customers beyond the point-of-purchase transaction and live concert experience.

Using APIs, the True Tickets service will integrate with BSO’s existing ticketing system without replacing existing infrastructure or requiring additional hardware. The service can be optimised for various venue settings and challenges.

True Tickets founder and chief executive Matt Zarracina, added: “As a Boston-based ticketing start-up, we are thrilled to partner with the iconic Boston Symphony Orchestra to help them reopen while also enhancing the patron experience.

“Together, we are demonstrating how to safely reopen live performances now. Even more, we are also entering a new era of live entertainment – one where experiences are more inviting and engaging, before, during, and after a show. That level of year-round engagement is a powerful tool for nonprofit organisations like the Boston Symphony Orchestra.”

In February, True Tickets partnered with Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts to support its reopening plans.

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