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Tiqets teams up with bookingkit to help attractions reopen

Amsterdam-based Tiqets, a museum and attraction online ticketing platform, has joined forces with bookingkit, Europe’s leading SaaS booking solution for the tours, activities and attraction sector.

The companies have combined their efforts in order to help museums and attractions across Europe to reopen after COVID-19 enforced closures.

Tiqets and bookingkit have both been actively involved in different digitisation initiatives during and after the lockdowns particularly in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, enabling companies to fulfil reopening safety measures, such as online booking, contact tracing, and capacity management.

Under the agreement, bookingkit users will be able to extend their reach to customers of the Tiqets platform, and Tiqets suppliers also using bookingkit can instantly make updates across both platforms.

In addition, the firms are working together to encourage companies to start a migration from analogue to digital ticket handling.

Lukas C. C. Hempel, founder and chief executive of bookingkit, said: “The digital shift is happening right now in weeks instead of years. Therefore, museums and attractions need partners with an out-of-the-box but yet flexible solution. We provide exactly that – with transaction-based costs, ready to run in a couple of days and interconnected to strong sales and merchandising channels like Tiqets.

“Since zoos, museums and attractions belong to the first offers that are allowed to reopen in Germany, we have already seen some tremendous spikes in pre-booking right after it was even possible, reaching almost 70 per cent of normal booking levels.”

In March 2021, Tiqets conducted a survey with 7,214 participants in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. When asked how they preferred to book tickets, the global results showed 64 per cent of respondents preferred to book online through the venue or through third-party websites, like Tiqets. On a local level, up to 70 per cent of consumers in some regions have expressed a preference for online booking.

Luuc Elzinga, president and co-founder of Tiqets, added: “Online booking is becoming more important for both venues and consumers. For venues, online booking creates a massive opportunity to reach a much bigger audience and to build up a relationship with consumers in an early stage, making it possible to improve the experience and increase revenue by offering great upsells, bundles and packages.

“For consumers, booking online with Tiqets means being able to experience more for less with a multitude of options at their fingertips. In our recent consumer survey, almost 50 per cent of people said that being able to cancel easily was a top booking consideration. With Tiqets, culture lovers can cancel their tickets free of charge right up until midnight before their visit and feel safe booking with the most trusted platforms in the industry.”

Image: Tiqets