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CIRCUIT: Incremental revenue bundles made easy

Montréal-based events agency MTA GROUP and its subsidiary TICTACTIX Ticketing Intelligence have unveiled a new platform to assist entertainment and tourism businesses bundle ticket and experience packages. This makes it easy for event promoters and venue operators to grow incremental revenues through local partnerships and guest-related services.

Based on a virtual token concept for data sharing, the CIRCUIT application software represents “an innovative solution, bringing together all the required features to easily build event packages, single attractions or groupings of attractions in the form of routes or thematic experiential packages,” says the company.

Richard Thérien, president of MTA GROUP, designer of this new platform: “CIRCUIT is an unprecedented solution that will provide consumers with an excellent customer experience, while giving event organizers all the latitude to create really distinctive experiences”.


The “virtual token” approach allows users to build experiential packages through ‘mix and match’ of any type of event/attraction, with the assignment of tokens with specific monetary value for easy settlement. As a white-label platform users can customize the look and feel of the purchase flow, with built-in upsell and cross-sell features – and, claims MTA, there is little or no cost equipment as the tokens can be validated using a smart phone. 

In the back end, a customisable dashboard offers users precise sales performance data (by date, time, channel and client origin) and an overview of client behaviour and product redemption in real-time.

Web-based, the CIRCUIT platform is currently used by Tourisme Montréal for the marketing and operations of its Passeport MTL – the city’s official visitor attractions pass.


The new platform is the latest in product releases derived from the collaboration of MTA Group’s access control, crowd control, customer support and statistical analysis services (which it provides to event owners and promoters across Canada and North America) and its new TICTACTIX subsidiary.

For its part, TICTACTIX has its focus on ticket sales, marketing and the related data streams with a view to supporting client build long-term relationships with their customers. Much of TICTACTIX data is collected by MTA GROUP’s servers, in real-time, and provides an “inexhaustible source of optimal variables”.

TICTACTIX is headed by respected ticketing industry figure Eric Valley, the former director of ticketing for Cirque du Soleil‘s international arena shows. Valley is noted as the key figure behind Cirque’s highly-effective dynamic pricing programme, implemented over 2012-2018.

“Originally built to support the tourism and attractions industries, CIRCUIT has recently been adapted to help venues and promoters offer a wide range of experiences that extend well beyond a venue’s walls,” Valley tells TheTicketingBusiness.

“With CIRCUIT partnerships with surrounding shops, restaurants and attractions can easily be activated. Furthermore, with its customizable dashboards, CIRCUIT provides the venue/event organiser with real-time data on client usage.”