Transportation, sourcing and power are among the key considerations of Live Nation Entertainment’s new Green Nation Touring Program.

The programme has been introduced by the live entertainment leader to develop guidance and best practices to enhance the sustainability of concert tours.

Live Nation said the Green Nation Touring Program, which is to be led by new global sustainability director Lucy August-Perna, will allow it to help artists adopt and scale sustainable touring practices that prioritise people and planet.

The program seeks to drive impact across all areas of the tour, including planning, with a focus on green venue selection, maximisation of efficient routing and evaluation of transportation options.

“Live Nation has the opportunity and the responsibility to provide artists and fans with live music experiences that protect our planet,” said Michael Rapino, Live Nation’s president and chief executive.

“We’re inspired by artists who are continually pushing for greener options, and as we develop those best practices the Green Nation Touring Program will help make them standards in the industry so collectively we can all make the biggest impact possible.”

Green Nation will also advise on production, where stage design and power requirements will be assessed. It will promote conscious and equitable sourcing options across merchandising, catering and other vendor supplies, and also enhance engagement with every community that touches a tour.

Green Nation is establishing standardised impact measurement tools for worldwide operations, and created a venue survey to assess the sustainability of third party venue options. Green Nation has also enlisted the UK based not-for-profit think tank and creative consultant Julie’s Bicycle to collaborate on new tools, resources, and a green tour certification scheme to help expedite adoption of these touring practices and catalyse industry action.

Live Nation said a recent global sustainability study showed that 82 per cent of live music goers said they strive to maintain an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. It said a key element of the programme will be providing concertgoers with more sustainable options while attending shows.

The group added: “Live Nation is committed to evolving low-carbon and regenerative practices across its portfolio and recognises the lasting impact the company can make by striving to enhance sustainability across the 40,000 shows and 100+ festivals it hosts over 40 countries around the world in a typical year.”