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CTS Eventim rolls out fanSALE platform in Scandinavia

CTS Eventim has launched its face value resale platform fanSALE in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The ticketing services and live entertainment company’s resale platform, the first fully digital resale platform in Scandinavia, allows ticket buyers to buy and resell tickets for concerts, festivals and sporting events at no more than face value prices.

FanSALE, which is already in use in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Finland and Brazil, verifies and automatically cancels resold tickets after new tickets are booked and delivered in a new order.

Jens B. Arnesen, chief executive of Eventim Scandinavia, said: “With fanSALE, Eventim is taking an important step in Scandinavia to help fans buy and sell tickets safely and legally amongst themselves.

“FanSALE guarantees that tickets cannot be sold for more than the original ticket price. At the same time, buyers are guaranteed genuine, valid tickets to the event.”

Eventim states that according to a study conducted by the Ministry of Culture in Denmark in 2019, 44 per cent of the respondents know of at least one person who has had problems with overpriced tickets.

The fanSALE platform was supported by FanFair Alliance when it launched in the UK in 2018.

Adam Webb of FanFair Alliance said at the time: “Research commissioned by FanFair last year highlighted that the majority of music fans would like a mechanism to resell their tickets if they can no longer attend an event.

“They don’t want to profit, just to recoup their costs in a safe and efficient environment. It has been hugely positive to see a growing number of responsible ticketing companies, like Eventim, listen to consumers and move in this direction – and we hope more will follow in 2018.”