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SHOWX brings ticketing to free app for musicians

SHOWX has unveiled a new ticketing platform through its app that will give artists direct control over sales for their events.

The free app, developed to empower independent musicians to develop their careers, now allows touring artists to sell tickets directly to fans, grant access to fans’ data and strengthen relationships with supporters and customers.

North America-headquartered SHOWX said its ticketing platform gives touring musicians the data they need to confidently and strategically expand into new markets and helps venues connect with artists best suited to their capacities.

In addition to booking the venue in advance, musicians can also set a date and city for each performance without a venue listed.

SHOWX provides the musician a link to sell tickets to each performance, which can be easily shared on social media and through email. As fans buy tickets, venues receive alerts of the ticket counts and determine whether they want to book that date or not, reducing venue risk — no need to put guarantee dollars in escrow.

“By ceding ticketing to venues and promoters, artists give up control and access to one of the most valuable resources a developing act can have: the information of their fans,” a SHOWX spokesperson said.

“And that information is more important than ever, since most working musicians make a majority of their money  from touring rather than recording. In order to develop new markets and keep fans engaged, artists need to cultivate a direct line to their audience both online and off.

“SHOWX envisions a touring infrastructure that’s more transparent and equitable to all sides, improving the touring experience for artists, venues, agents and fans.”

SHOWX’s “business-in-a-box” concept is designed to give musicians the tools they need to succeed in promotion, through networking, venue contacts and social media assistance. The app was developed with independent artists led by musician and long-time indie NYC booker Lincoln Foley Schofield and with guidance from Venmo co-founder Iqram Magdon-Ismail.

Schofield said: “Musicians controlling ticketing and owning the data of their fans is about more than a business opportunity. It’s the right thing to do. Sustainable careers are built on the relationship artists have with their fans, and our goal is to use technology to remove all barriers to this relationship.”

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