A group of Japan’s top concert promoters have teamed up to form an alliance that will help to hasten the return of live shows in the country.

The International Promoters Alliance Japan (IPAJ) will feature 10 members of the All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference.

The members of the IPAJ are: Avex Entertainment Inc., Creativeman Production Co., Hanshin Contents Link Co. (Billboard Japan), Hayashi International Promotions Ltd., Kyodo Tokyo, Inc., Live Nation Japan G.K., M & I Company Ltd., Promax Inc., Smash Co., and Udo Artists, Inc.

The IPAJ will collaborate on producing guidelines for the resumption of live events “based on thorough preventative measures”.

The group added in a statement that it hopes to “work closely with the Japanese government and administration to help achieve this goal”, whilst also cooperating with embassies and consulates based in Japan.

Concerts featuring foreign performers were only included in the Japan Content Localization and Distribution Live Entertainment Grant earlier this year following an appeal by the operators. Such shows had been ineligible for nearly a year.

According to a report on MSN, approximately $333m of ticket sales have been lost due to events that were postponed or cancelled in 2020.

A state of emergency in Tokyo and three other areas across the country is due to run until the end of May due to the latest wave of COVID-19, and international spectators will not be allowed to attend events during the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer.

Earlier this month, four Japanese music industry associations were successful in lobbying the government to remove a ban on attendance at live events in areas placed under COVID-19 restrictions.

Events within seven areas are allowed to have up to 5,000 attendees or 50% of the venue’s capacity, with the shows concluding by 9pm local time.

Image: Basile Morin/CC BY-SA 4.0/Edited for size