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Twitter details plans for Ticketed Spaces roll out

Twitter has unveiled details on how its new Ticketed Spaces feature will work as it will start rolling out the ticketing options for its audio events for some users in the coming weeks.

The social media platform announced it will take a 20-per-cent cut of revenue on ticket sales after Apple and Google’s in-app purchase fees are taken, with hosts collecting the remainder. Hosts will be able to set the ticket prices for their events as well as decide how many tickets are available.

“Hosts put time and effort into creating space for conversation, connection and fun. Now, we’re working on a way for hosts to be rewarded for the experiences they create by getting monetary support, while providing listeners with exclusive access to the conversations they care about most,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

Twitter said a “limited group” in the US will be able to preview the Ticketed Spaces feature first, before opening up to a wider audience over the coming weeks.

The ticketing option builds upon the company’s expansion of its Spaces platform, which allows creators to host and participate in live audio conversations, with anyone on iOS and Android able to join and listen in on a Space. Earlier this month, the Spaces platform expanded and is now available to any account with 600 followers or more.

However, hosts who wish to charge for tickets will need to have at least 1,000 followers, have hosted three Spaces in the past 30 days and be at least 18 years old.

Twitter has teamed up with payments platform Stripe to handle transactions, with the social media firm claiming it will cover the cost of Stripe’s transaction fees.

The company has also unveiled plans for a Super Follows feature, which will let people pay for bonus content, like a newsletter subscription and more tweets, as well as launching a communities feature.