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Dynamo Kyiv targets 25% of ticket sales via NFT

Ukrainian champions Dynamo Kyiv have targeted 25 per cent of ticket sales through NFTs after claiming a first in world sport by introducing transactions via non-fungible token.

Fans will be able to purchase NFT tickets on the Binance NFT Marketplace from next month through a partnership between the Kiev club and its New York City-based blockchain partner Moonwalk.

Dynamo, which plays at the 70,000-capacity Dynamo Stadium, claims it will become the first major sports team in the world to regularly sell NFTs as both tickets and collectibles.

The club said it expects to sell more than a quarter of its general admission tickets as NFTs for home games over time.

Mark Ginzburg, Dynamo Kyiv’s head of innovation, said: “We have a well-calculated strategy and follow a clear goal — to make FC Dynamo the greatest technological leader of football in Europe within the next two years. Today’s event is a vivid example of the validity of our hopes.

“We believe that next year dozens of professional clubs from all over the world, playing in various sports, will use NFT as tickets and collectible assets. The fact that FC Dynamo Kyiv was the first in the world who managed to do this will forever remain in the history of world sports.”

The announcement comes as part of Moonwalk’s development of a digital economy for Dynamo that will include a comprehensive token ecosystem within the team’s stadium and throughout the City of Kyiv. Moonwalk is a digital economies platform that enables NFTs and tokens to integrate into real-world applications such as physical and virtual event tickets and payment networks.

Moonwalk’s NFT capability is enhanced by partnerships with Blockparty, which will power the NFT marketplace embedded in Dynamo’s website, and NFT Protocol, a decentralised NFT exchange, that will power peer-to-peer ticket resale for Dynamo NFT tickets.

“Dynamo Kyiv has established itself as an incredibly forward-thinking franchise as the team has developed new ways to engage with their fans, communities, and partners,” said Greg Consiglio, co-founder of Moonwalk and a former Ticketmaster senior executive.

“NFT ticketing is one of many aspects of the reward ecosystem that Dynamo is launching with Moonwalk. The ability to collect NFT game memorabilia that will also serve as tickets unlocks a number of new exciting possibilities for their fans.”

Once NFTs are bought on the Binance NFT Marketplace, fans can then unlock game tickets, exclusive rewards, drops and experiences through the team’s digital wallet powered by Moonwalk.

“We are excited to announce this collaboration, and for sure, the users have been looking forward to it as well,” said Gleb Kostarev, director of Binance in Eastern Europe.

“We strongly believe that NFT tickets will soon become a usual part for football fans and that Binance NFT Marketplace will be one of the leading platforms for the NFT tickets.”