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Independent promoters must meet artist kitemark standards

Association of Independent Promoters (AIP) members will be required to meet the standards set by the UK Featured Artists Coalition’s (FAC) new kitemark programme concerning their work with artists.

The programme was developed by the FAC’s advisory BEAT Board (Breakthrough & Emerging Artists Together) as well as AIP, with all registering AIP members required to subscribe to the FAC kitemark criteria in the future.

The kitemark, issued by the trade body representing the rights and interests of music artists, includes best practice regarding communication, remuneration, accessibility and hospitality, as well as creating an inclusive environment with a published zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment.

John Rostron, AIP’s chief executive, said: “The artist-promoter relationship is central to the way that the music industry ecosystem works.  It is this relationship that is at the heart of music’s breeding ground, where artists learn their craft and build their fanbases.

“AIP has been proud to partner with the FAC on the development of this Kitemark standard. The more mutual understanding there is between independent artists and promoters, the better it is for the whole of our industry.”

The FAC’s BEAT Board of grassroots artist entrepreneurs is used to shape the FAC agenda, and is chaired by Roxanne de Bastion.

BEAT Board member Lisbee Stainton said: “Touring as an independent artist can be lonely and difficult to navigate; the new kitemark will not only help to establish a baseline of expected good practice between artists and promoters, but also strengthen the UK’s live music grassroots community, encouraging us to hold one another accountable and improving everyone’s experience of doing the work they love.”