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UK ticketing body STAR elects new council members

The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) has named five new council members for a two-year term.

Julie Carson, head of ticketing at SEC Glasgow has been re-elected, along with Steve Haworth, head of ticketing and retail at Royal Shakespeare Company and Richard Howle, director of ticketing at NEC Group.

Abi Cope, business manager for ticketing at Ambassador Theatre Group and Paul Newman, director of ticketing at AXS Europe have been newly elected.

The STAR Council elections take place each year at its Annual General Meeting. All members of the Council retire at the AGM two years after they are elected but can choose to stand for re-election.

The UK’s self-regulatory body for the ticketing industry is made up of a number of companies and organisations within the industry to promote high standards of service to consumers and to enhance and promote the public perception of the ticket agents’ industry.

During the 2021 AGM, a panel will be discussing the “devastating impact of the past fifteen months” for the live entertainment and sports industries.

A panel of experts, including Greg Parmley, chief executive of Live music Industry Venues and Entertainment (LIVE) and Sarah Slater, vice-president of client development – music and festivals at Ticketmaster, will reflect on what broader issues the pandemic has created and how these insights might inform, change and improve the way the industry can transact and communicate with ticket buyers.