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Ireland’s ticket resale law to be passed this month

Ireland’s ban on ticket reselling at prices above face value is to become law before the end of this month, the Government has confirmed.

Minister of State for Enterprise Robert Troy, who introduced the Sale of Tickets Bill, told fellow lawmakers that new laws are to be introduced at an opportune moment as live events begin to open up once more.

The prohibition of sales above face value will carry a penalty for infringement of up to €100,000 or a two-year jail term.

The Sale of Tickets legislation will apply to cultural, entertainment, recreational and sporting events with exemptions for clubs to allow them fund raise through raffles of allocated tickets.

Troy added: “The benefits of this legislation will long outlive the public health measures out in place to stem COVID-19.

“We have heard all too often of the experiences of genuine fans waiting patiently to buy tickets, only to miss out, and then to see those same tickets for sale on a secondary site for far more than they can afford, far more than are willing to pay, and far more than what the original value was.”

Troy said the systematic purchase of tickets by touts and secondary sellers, looking to make a quick profit at the expense of sports and music fans, sporting bodies, actors and promoters “needs to stop,” and the Bill was the best way to do that.

The Bill goes back to the Dáil on Thursday for final debate on a number of amendments before it will finally be passed and implemented.

Under the legislation, ticket resellers need to provide information on the original sale price of the ticket and the location of the seat or standing area listed on the ticket.

Venues with a capacity of over 1,000 people will be able to apply to the Enterprise Minister for designation. Once this has been confirmed, the reselling of tickets above the original sales price for that venue will be prohibited.

The bill also states that event organisers or venue operators may apply for the designation of events which take place on an annual or other periodic basis in the same venue.

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