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Stay22 moves to Trivago as accommodation partner

Stay22, the event accommodation tool, has informed its partners that it will be rolling out Trivago as its main accommodation provider on its maps.

The maps provide event-goers with location-based live hotel and apartment prices, making it easy to add accommodation purchases within event-related sales and communications. Event promoters are paid a commission on revenues their ticket-holders place through the Stay22 platform.

“We’ve been testing Trivago with partners in the past few weeks and are happy to confirm that users seeing the pins provided by Trivago were converting better than those seeing only Booking.com and Vrbo on the maps,” writes Stay22.

Trivago is noted as one of the leading accommodation metasearch sites globally in terms of traffic and conversion. Its inventory pulls from all the major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) with over 100+ other sites feeding in including Booking.com and Vrbo.

As for the map UX (pictured above), Stay22 confirms that it is “exploring several different options to ensure the best possible conversions. We’re currently using Trivago’s highly refined algorithm to select the logo of the OTA displayed on each pin, and we’ve colour coded pins to differentiate hotel-type properties vs self-catered/rentals. More changes will come as we learn more about user behaviours with Trivago pins.”

The Montréal-based tech firm explains that the move is “the next step in our promise to deliver the best accommodation options for your users. This isn’t the last step though. We’re continuing to explore other, more local providers as well.”