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Happin launches hybrid ticketing and livestream platform

Happin has launched its hybrid event solution following the completion of a $1.2m seed funding round.

The centralised, multi-event platform’s features bring together ticketing, livestream, audio after parties, VIP fan meetings, virtual gifting, in-stream merchandise sales, on-demand playback and voting. Artists and venues can use Happin’s hybrid solution to sell in-person and livestream tickets at the same time.

The Toronto-based start-up, whose platform is capable of supporting 40 million livestream users, has already partnered with venues including Thunder Studios in Los Angeles, The Bowery Electric in New York and Markham Fairgrounds in its home city.

Happin said the funding will enable it to accelerate growth, launch new product offerings, increase sales and expand staff.

“We are excited to introduce the world to Happin,” said Alex Li, Happin’s chief executive.

“Venues, promoters, fans and artists all want live events, but without the risk of cancellations or shutdowns. Happin helps mitigate these risks while also providing an easy, more engaging event management and participation experience.

“This fresh infusion of working capital will help us scale our operations while bringing more fans, artists, promoters and venues together from around the world.”

The equity financing, which was Happin’s first round of funding to date, was led by Manuel DaCosta, chief executive of media and broadcasting company MDC Media Group.

“Happin is a progressive and innovative company that’s led by a team of amazing professionals,” said DaCosta.

“Happin has a unique business model that addresses all of the pain points within the live event industry that resulted from the pandemic. They’ve set a new standard for events, and I can’t wait for what’s next.”

In a statement, the operator added: “Happin is the only centralised event platform in the industry. From easy ticket sales, performance tracking and fan engagement to additional revenue streams, Happin has everything customers need for their next event.

“The result is a fun, reliable platform that helps venues and promoters increase revenue while helping artists better connect with their fans.”