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Belgium to reopen venues through Covid Safe Ticket

Belgium will introduce a Covid Safe Ticket to allow social distancing rules to end at large outdoor events from mid-August.

The pass can be used for events with 1,500 people or more and is available for people who are fully vaccinated, have a recovery certificate or a recent negative test result.

From August 13, Belgians officials said the Covid Safe Ticket will apply to outdoor events for 1,500 people or more, with indoor events eligible from September 1. When using the Covid Safe Ticket, rules concerning face masks and social distancing are no longer applicable.

Officials said: “However, there must be a plan for crowd control management, sanitary precautions must be followed and adequate ventilation (with an indoor CO2 meter) must be provided.”

According to a Government statement, by the end of August, more than nine out of ten of the most vulnerable people in the country and more than eight out of ten adults will most likely have been fully vaccinated.

The Italian Government last week announced its guidance for fans to return to sporting venues, with the use of a COVID-19 ‘Green Pass’ required to enter stadia and arenas.

The UK Government also wants to use Covid certification based purely on vaccinations at venues such as nightclubs from September, although their plans must still be passed by Parliament.

In another development in recent days, France has implemented a Covid certification requirement at cinemas, attractions, sports arenas and other cultural venues.

The so-called ‘health pass’ (pass sanitaire) proves that the bearer has either been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, has already recovered from the virus having tested positive more than 11 days and less than six months ago, or has received a negative test result in the past 48 hours.

Face masks and capacity restrictions will no longer be required in venues where the health passport is in use, unless required by local decrees.