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ECB accused of sexism over women’s Hundred refunds

English cricket officials have come in for criticism over their refund policy for the new Hundred competition, but in a bizarre twist it’s because they have returned money to fans!

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has been accused of sexism after issuing refunds last week because a men’s game was called off due to rain, even though the preceding women’s game took place.

More than 13,000 fans at Lord’s were given their money back because of bad weather, despite the fact that they had watched a full game in the women’s Hundred. The refund was triggered when the same evening’s men’s match, between London Spirit and Oval Invincibles, was rained off.

The Telegraph reports that the refund would not have applied if the roles had been reversed, and only the men’s game had taken place.

The refund decision – coming in the wake of a positive response to the women’s games so far – prompted a negative response from some on social media.

An ECB official told the The Telegraph that the refund system had been organised “before we moved to double-header fixtures”, and added: “With the women’s competition securing amazing support from fans, we need to consider if our current approach is now the appropriate one.”

Broadcaster and MCC member Isabelle Duncan described the policy as a ‘blunder’. She told The Telegraph: “This reflects badly on the ECB, and it sends out the wrong message, because it is implying that women’s cricket has no financial value.”

Image: Aksh yadav on Unsplash

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