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Health passport to benefit music and sport venues

Venues and events organisers in the UAE and the wider Gulf region will now benefit from a new digital health passport linked to safe entry to events from Xerox Emirates. 

Xerox has signed a deal with V-Health Passport for the distribution rights to launch the V-Health PassportTM, an ID and contract tracing platform. This is in addition to its VCode and Passport products that are also available in the region. 

The app is available for both Android and iOS and will allow users to show evidence of health information including vaccination status and recent tests. Further benefits include being able to save event tickets and boarding passes. 

Music, sports, restaurants and hotel venues will benefit from a track and trace venue code, which means visitors on the same day as a positive case will receive a notification, email or text informing them to be re-tested. 

Shahzeen Mir, sales and marketing director at Xerox Emirates, said: “Xerox Emirates continues to support the UAE’s drive towards a safe environment that uses the most advanced, secure, efficient and reliable solutions to upgrade and streamline essential and everyday processes. Our exclusive partnership with V-Health PassportTM will help fast track the authentication of Covid-19 tests in addition to tracking and maintaining records in the UAE’s healthcare sector. 

“The all-in-one solution is a perfect synergy between companies and our expertise will ensure an easier to use, faster to implement, more adaptable system that there has ever been before in this industry.”

The scannable VCode or mobile phone can be shared safely from a distance and if the user was to be in contact with a positive case, they will be contacted through True Contact.

To be accessible in each health sector, all Covid-19 testing regimes are compatible including PCR, LAMP, rapid antigen and antibody tests. 

Louis-James Davis, chief executive officer of V-Health Passport added: “V-Health Passport are delighted to partner with Xerox Emirates. Their experience is scaling business’ in similar fields as V-Health Passport will be paramount for the ongoing growth and success of our products.”