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Vaccines required for New York concerts

Concertgoers in New York will have to prove that they have been vaccinated against coronavirus, as it becomes the first US state to require Covid certification for indoor activities. 

Attendees will only be allowed to participate in indoor activities and concerts if they are part or fully vaccinated. The program will begin on August 16 with enforcement to follow from September 13, and evidence will be required to enter indoor concert venues, Broadway shows, gyms, restaurants and cinemas. 

New York residents will be able to provide proof through the NYC Covid Safe app, the state’s Excelsior pass or a paper vaccine card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said: “The key to NYC will be a first-in-the-nation approach. It will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining, in indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment facilities. The only way to patronise these establishments indoors will be if you are vaccinated, at least one dose. This new policy will be phased in over the coming weeks.

“The final details of the policy will be announced and implemented in the week of August 16. And then on September 13, during that week, we’ll begin inspections and enforcement. So we want to give businesses big and small, a chance to get acclimated. 

“We want to make adjustments based on their input, but this will move forward, starting in the week of August 16, and then full enforcement and inspection begins the week of September 13, which is very pertinent because which is the first full week after labour day when we really expect a lot more activity in this city.”

New Yorkers and visitors will be able to dine outdoors without proof of vaccination, and children under the age of 12 are currently exempt as they are not eligible for the vaccine.

Mayor de Blasio also recently announced that free tickets for all of the NYC Homecoming Week concerts, which are celebrating New York’s reopening, are now available. To enjoy the citywide free concerts, all attendees over 12 will need to show proof of at least one Covid-19 vaccination, except for those that are unable to receive the jab due to a disability.