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TicketSwift partners with Stats Perform to improve in-game ticketing platform

Start-up TicketSwift has partnered with data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Stats Perform. 

Stats Perform will provide its data and SmartRatings product to aid live events ticketing technology company TicketSwift’s score, headlines and player data in real-time on its platform. SmartRating will power the ‘excitement score’ which TicketSwift will use to create a pricing model that will help to increase a team’s ticketing revenue through in-game sales. 

This real-time ticketing platform is to stop unsold tickets from becoming unusable inventory. Once a game has already started, fans are usually unable to buy tickets for that event. 

However, TicketSwift is aiming to change this by creating a price model and platform that changes and informs the customer on what is happening in the game, so they can decide whether to still buy a ticket now the game has started. 

The changing prices will also reflect what is happening in the game, and by selling tickets during the game, it maximises revenue for sports teams. 

Founder of TicketSwift Ron Warner said: “We recognise and appreciate what the ticket industry companies have done over the years to create their infrastructures and recognise how hard it is to change their core software applications. 

“This is why we will create solutions to play along with everyone’s systems, giving the fan the best possible experience across multiple platforms.”

He added: “When we started to look at specific data companies within the market who could provide us with what we needed to be successful, there was one company who stood out. That was Stats Perform. 

“They are forward thinking, extremely well-versed in just about every application of sports data and extremely eager to create new innovations. This was a major win and I am excited to see what we can build moving forward together.” 

TicketSwift already counts National Basketball Association (NBA) team Cleveland Cavaliers among its clients.

Image: Markus Spiske on Unsplash