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Stage Entertainment embraces checks through app integration

Stage Entertainment has outlined how it has embraced the integration of COVID-19 checks with ticketing through a tie-up with the Close application as shows reopen in the Netherlands. 

In a newly released study, Close app said that the impact of checking each attendee’s vaccination status, negative test and proof of natural immunity on waiting and entry times was a key concern that had to be addressed. 

Eventim is the ticketing provider for Stage and has integrated with the Close app, which is the first platform to integrate the Dutch Government’s CoronaCheck-app, allowing ticketing and event partners to offer more efficient entry to events. 

The CoronaCheck-app allows visitors to prove they have been fully vaccinated or have a negative test in order to access venues and events. 

Stage, which is known for musicals such as Tina Turner Musical and Disney’s ALADDIN, will provide attendees with their tickets via the Close app with additional content like practical information.

The app will also remind ticket-holders that they need to provide proof of the full vaccination status or a negative test as they arrive. 

The integration means that visitors will be able to effortlessly switch proof of vaccination or a negative test in the CoronaCheck-app with their digital ticket in the Close app. The app provides a QR code that is scanned to prove it is safe to enter, with attendees then able to switch to the Close app to display their tickets. 

The Close app said: “We’re happy to be in a position where we can help the event industry give their visitors a welcoming experience, taking away unnecessary steps and insecurity. It’s cool to see our platform functionalities keep growing and our connected ticketing partners and event organisers are putting it to great use.”

Image: Kyle Head on Unsplash