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‘Live events are the next subscription frontier’ says app founder

Ticketless subscription platform FanRally went live recently, with the service allowing fans to use its membership app to reserve seats multiple times without purchasing a season ticket or ticket bundles. 

The subscription works like an online streaming service for television and movies, whereby members will pay a certain monthly subscription fee based on seat quality, booking window and the number of reservations that can be held. The members then reserve these seats via the app. 

Major League Baseball team Milwaukee Brewers, University of South Carolina and Stanford University have already implemented the subscription app for their fans. 

Eric Nichols, chief marketing officer, said: “With FanRally, we are developing a membership experience designed for the modern fan.”

FanRally founder and chief executive Chris Giles added: “Consumption is changing drastically and subscription usership models are winning across content categories. Live events are the next subscription frontier and we’re providing teams with a turnkey solution.

“I’ve yet to talk to a team executive that is having any real success selling ticket bundles to modern consumers. Based on current consumption trends, we expect ticketless subscription revenue to surpass season ticket revenue within the next five years and completely replace it within 10 years.” 

FanRally is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) company that licenses its membership platform to teams. With the software and the app, teams and universities are able to keep 100% of their subscription membership revenue. 

Sam Mahjub, Milwaukee Brewers vice president of business analytics and strategy, said: “FanRally’s subscription capabilities allow us to build membership programs that resonate with modern consumers.” 

Image: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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