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Ticketing technology to allow smooth running of Perth Royal Show

Western Australian start-up Megatix has enabled the safe return of the 2021 Perth Royal Show thanks to a custom-made digital ticketing and event management solution. 

The Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia wanted to make hosting the event as safe as possible during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Megatix has enabled the Royal Show to operate by producing a solution that incorporates tickets, contact tracing, crowd control and even the safe return of lost children. 

Peter Cooper, chief executive of Royal Agricultural Society of WA, said: “Being able to put on a Royal Show while so many of our fellow Australians are under lockdown is a privilege that comes with a deep sense of responsibility.

“Our number one priority is to ensure the safety and security of the many West Australians who plan to visit from September 25 through to October 2. 

“The technology provided by Megatix was able to solve many of our challenges, some of which we have never had to consider before. The fact that this kind of innovation was right here in WA and designed by local entrepreneurs was an added bonus.”

Everyone that enters the show including visitors, staff and exhibitors, will be provided with a digital ticket that includes a unique barcode. This stores contact details in line with Safe WA regulations. It also removes the need to scan in separately using the Safe WA QR code. 

To ensure crowd control and the monitoring of social distancing, Megatix will implement a system of digital cameras at entrances, exits and major zones within the Royal Show. These cameras have a built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that detects those who enter and exit to ensure safe capacities are maintained. 

This is then cross-referenced with ticketing data to give an overview of the patronage at the event. 

In terms of child safety, children will be given a wristband that is printed with a barcode that syncs to the parent’s ticket. 

The Royal Show has also had its own app developed for 2021. 

One of the founding partners of Megatix, Roshan Odhavji, said: “The difference between Megatix and some of the more traditional ticketing companies is that our technology has the flexibility to be client driven. 

“The Perth Royal Show is a perfect example of how customers come to us with a variety of unique demands and we develop the technology specifically matched to their needs. In addition, they get to fully own their customers, marketing, selling, and commenting directly through their own channels with our technology supporting in the background.”

Image: Markus Spiske on Unsplash