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Bowl Season maximises ticketing efficiencies with Elevate Sports Ventures

Bowl Season has partnered with sports and entertainment consulting firm Elevate Sports Ventures to support revenue generation through marketing, sales and maximising efficiencies through ticket pricing and distribution. 

Bowl Season is the collective coalition of 44 Bowl games played in the college football postseason, with organisers working with Elevate’s ticket pricing, analytics and distribution consulting company Dynamic Pricing Partners.

The 44 postseason football games that make up Bowl Season can be supported by up to one million fans across the US and the Bahamas. 

Dynamic Pricing Partners will use trends from ticketing and attendance data options to produce pricing models, pricing studies and strategic action plans to maximise ticketing revenues. 

Executive director of Bowl Season Nick Carparelli said: “We are very excited to partner with Elevate Sports Ventures, a proven leader in the professional sports space. 

“Working with Elevate and the experienced people at Dynamic Pricing Partners will provide Bowl Season the opportunity to identify and drive efficiencies, industry best practices, and analytics-derived learnings, to share across our powerful school and event partners.” 

Jonathan Marks, chief executive officer of Dynamic Pricing Partners, added: “We are honoured to partner with the Bowl Season. Our efforts and focus align with the Bowl Season’s mission of promoting the grand tradition of the bowl system and its endearing value to student athletes. 

“The relationship strengthens our ability to drive revenue and impact for the over 75 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) universities with whom we already partner.”

Image: Riley McCullough on Unsplash