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ASM Global launches social responsibility platform

Venue and event management company ASM Global has launched a new corporate social responsibility platform, ASM Global Acts, to outline its commitment to protecting the environment and investing in people and communities globally. 

Its environment goals include reducing waste from guest experiences across its venue portfolio, enhancing facility efficiency through investments and protecting and reserve resources. The company also said it aims to create an environment of inclusion and gender equity across its organisation and grow its diversity around the world. 

Further commitments include improving the local community through philanthropic work and enhancing the health and wellbeing or staff, clients and guests. 

Ron Bension, president and chief executive of ASM Global, said: “ASM Global operates hundreds of stadiums, convention centres and arenas around the globe, which boost local economies, employ area residents and provide meaningful opportunities for the communities we call home. 

“We will immediately launch this initiative at our Pennsylvania Convention Center, Chicago’s McCormick Place, California’s Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Ontario Convention Center and Toyota Arena; but we plan to implement ASM Global Acts at every venue we have under our guidance as we roll it out in 2022.”

Bension added: “The ASM Global Acts Foundation and Scholarship further strengthens our philanthropic efforts and solidifies our intention to make a difference in the communities where we do business.”

ASM Global’s set environmental and community targets are aligned with a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The company said these commitments will happen at both corporate and local level. 

Bension said: “Whether you are a performer on our stages, a technician, hospitality team member or visitor to our venue, we all have the ability to work together and harness our collective action to make the world a better place. 

“Our ASM Global Acts initiative is inspired by this idea of action and brings to life our dedication to making a meaningful difference in our communities and beyond.” 

With the upcoming COP26 (Conference of the Parties) climate summit to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, there is a major focus on how collectively there needs to be action against climate change. 

British band Coldplay recently announced how the Music Of The Spheres tour was aiming to cut back on the negative impact touring can have on the environment. 

The tour will attempt to be more sustainable through initiatives surrounding energy usage, offsetting CO2 emissions and planting a tree for every ticket sold.

Image: Jordan McDonald on Unsplash