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ADITUS aids with admission and ticketing for RX Austria and Germany

Trade fair and exhibition organiser RX Austria and Germany has partnered with ticketing company ADITUS for all of its future events. 

ADITUS is already present in the exhibition industry having been utilised by RX subsidiary Mack Brooks since 2018. ADITUS provides services such as registration and operation control, digital marketing options and on-site admission with live badge printing.

Organisers and exhibitors can take advantage of digital marketing capabilities through the ‘Exhibitor Service Center’ (ESC) which allows exhibitors to directly invite their customers, and insert targeted advertising for their stand at a trade show onto the ticket store. Visitors will also be able to share that they will be in attendance. 

Lukas Camphausen, head of digital operations at RX Austria and Germany, said: “In ADITUS, we have found a reliable partner for ticketing and admission solutions. Above all, we were impressed by their focus on the user experience.” 

Organisers will also receive real-time reporting and analytics to generate the most up-to-date information on the performance of the exhibition. 

Dashboards will display the statistics on registrations and admissions and reports will provide relevant Key Point Indicators (KPIs). 

ADITUS has also recently integrated digital health certificates into the admission process, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

Visitors will be able to use the ‘G3 Fast Lane’ which means they can upload digital vaccination and recovery certificates during the registration process. The certificates are verified online to clear visitors for safe admission to the event. 

Additionally, visitors can scan their European Union (EU) certificates in the admission area on-site, with verification still taking place without manual interference. 

Image: David Nicolai on Unsplash