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Stage Front to focus on Mexico in LaLiga deal

LaLiga North America has expanded further into Mexico through a recently announced partnership extension with ticketing company Stage Front. 

LaLiga North America is a joint venture between the Spanish top tier football league LaLiga and New York-based Relevent Sports Group, which is an international football events and media business. Relevent supports the representation of LaLiga in the US.

The deal between LaLiga NA and Stage Front may already encompass the US but it will now add Mexico as a focal point. LaLiga NA is hoping the partnership will advance fan engagement in Mexico through efforts like giveaways, local events and more to assist a growth of the LaLiga fanbase. 

Chief executive of LaLiga North America Boris Gartner said: “LaLiga has a highly engaged and coveted fanbase in the US that interacts with our properties across multiple touchpoint including content, events, and grassroots activations. 

“Through the partnership with Stage Front we have increased interactions and activations with our fanbase. We would like to replicate the same success we had with Stage Front in the US in Mexico, offering exclusive experiences to our fans in Mexico to get closer to them.”

LaLiga North America and Relevent announced the desire to target Mexico as a new territory to focus on, along with the US and Canada. Stage Front will deliver on ticketing and expansion efforts through digital media, marketing, content, global data and fandom growth. 

Founder and CEO of Stage Front Karl Roes said: “This is a natural fit as we continue to grow our relationship with LaLiga North America. Initial efforts in Mexico have brought unprecedented results. We look forward to growing this dynamic, largely untapped market together.” 

Head of strategy for Stage Front Tulaib Faizy added: “Stage Front has increased its presence in soccer, globally. With new partnerships already in place in Mexico, it makes sense for this expansion to bring a fresh, unique approach to engagement and hospitality.” 

Image: Victoria Primak on Unsplash