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Activity Stream announces integration with Visit

Information and technology services company Activity Stream and Visit, a platform that connects ticketing and other revenue streams such as making table reservations at restaurants, have announced their integration. 

Visit allows customers to receive their digital ticket and book a table at a restaurant, as well as pre-order their food all in one interface. 

By partnering with Visit, Activity Stream will be able to bring the ability to pre-order and book a table to its own offering. 

Sander Jøesaar, head of customer success at Activity Stream, said: “Visit works to make the customer journey as smooth as possible, with tickets, pre-orders and table reservations joined in one interface. 

“We’ll be able to bring the pre-orders and restaurant bookings into AS, so the venues using Visit will have a full view of customer interactions.” 

Visit is also a partner with Spectrix, a ticketing software company. Venues using Visit will have a full view of customer interactions thanks to its integration with Activity Stream.

Co-founder of Visit Phillip Markwick added: “The ability of Visit to associate F&B, merchandise sales and table bookings with a customer, the specific event of show being seen, the show-time and the customer seating location meant it made perfect sense to integrate with Activity Stream. 

“This integration means clients have access to even more quality data to understand, identify and activate audiences.”

In August, Activity Stream announced it was set to open a US office, in New York, as it believed the live entertainment industry was in need of data insights to assist the reopening of the sector following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last month, chief executive officer of Activity Stream Einar Sævarsson was due to relocate to the US to expand the sales and customer success team. 

Activity Stream already has offices in Serbia, Denmark and Iceland. 

Image: Jay Wennington on Unsplash