Blockchain distribution company SmartLedger’s recently developed blockchain-based ticketing system TicketMint has announced three partnerships ahead of the platform’s launch. 

The new partnerships have targeted sectors including virtual event marketing, digital asset merchandising and immersive Metaverse worlds. 

TicketMint has linked up with Epik, a producer and distributor of premium and branded digital assets. The company works with more than 1,000 brands including music artists, celebrities, businesses and gaming outfits. Epik helps to create NFT brand experiences through expansion into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games, virtual concerts and esports events. 

Shawn Ryan, co-founder and chief executive of SmartLedger, said: “The team at Epik have experience in bringing global brands such as Universal, Warner Music group, World of Dance and Ultraman into the digital world and Metaverse. 

“This strategic partnership offers an entry way for artists, venues and brands to create unique collectable NFT tickets for access to real-world and virtual events – even backstage.” 

TicketMint has also teamed up with Transmira, the developer of Omniscape XR, which has been created for digital content, community and monetisation. Omniscape provides global locations in the Metaverse, allowing businesses and brands to geolocate their content and virtual goods.

CEO of Transmira Robert Rice said: “There is a dramatic shift happening in several industries driven by blockchain and NFTs that we are only beginning to see. TicketMint is a great example of new business models leveraging technology for better user experiences and engagements. We are thrilled to help bring this to life.” 

Event goers and live entertainment lovers will have access to virtual experiences including true digital twins and shared immersive spaces such as event venues. This means that TicketMint is able to provide branded and sponsored virtual concert NFT-based tickets anywhere including the Metaverse. 

Through its collaboration with TonicPow, a peer-to-peer influencer promotion marketplace, TicketMint can provide ticket issuers with a ‘virtual street team’ motivated by micropayments, discounts and perks. 

SmartLedger chief development officer Gregory Ward added: “Offering built-in campaign creation and a referral system for ticket issuers will allow influencers, fans and gig workers the ability to receive instant micropayments of Bitcoin for helping to spread the word.

“TicketMint will offer new ways for ticket issuers to promote their events and engage their fans including exclusively minted, redeemable and collectable NFT tickets for real-world and virtual events.” 

Bryan Daugherty, SmartLedger co-founder, chairman and technical advisor, added: “Until recently, it hasn’t been economically feasible to use NFTs or blockchain for real-world utility due to network congestion and high transaction fees. 

“By utilising a stable, secure, scalable and sustainable public blockchain, with tokenisation, micropayments, smart-contracts and meta-infused NFTs, a whole world of new capabilities and efficiencies are now available. 

“Together, with our strategic partnerships with Omniscape CR, Epik and TonicPow, we are thrilled to see the incredible innovations to enhance user experiences and reduce fraud.”

Image: Austin Neill on Unsplash