Some 34,000 Shanghai Disney Resort visitors were locked in the park to be tested and told to isolate after reports of a single COVID-19 case.

A visitor to Shanghai’s Disneyland on Saturday returned home and later tested positive for coronavirus. The theme park was closed and rides halted as workers arrived to begin testing. 

Disneyland and the adjacent shopping district Disneytown were also closed on Monday and Tuesday, with staff continuing to be tested for the virus. 

A video on Chinese social media showed workers in hazmat suits and personal protective equipment (PPE) testing visitors, with police present and fireworks going on in the background.

According to Associated Press, the 33,863 people that had been in the park across the weekend had tested negative for COVID-19. They have been asked to get tested again. 

In a statement, Disneyland Shanghai said: “Dear guests, thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and patience over the past few days, as Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown suspend operations according to directives on pandemic prevention and control. 

“All Shanghai Disney Resort Cast Members and third-party employees returning to work have completed two Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) tests within 48 hours per prevention and control requirements, with all results negative, and are strictly following CDC self-health monitoring guidelines. 

“All environment samples collected have tested negative.” 

It added that the Shanghai theme park will reopen Wednesday November 3.

Image: Capricorn song on Unsplash