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Sao Paulo proposes the end of half-price ticket sales

The Legislative Assembly of Sao Paulo, Brazil has approved a bill that ends the half-price entry tickets to theatres, sport events, cinemas and attractions for senior citizens and students. 

Instead, the bill proposed that half-price tickets should be made available to all residents. 

State Deputy and Congressman Arthur do Val put the bill forward, which was approved in a vote and now goes to the sanction of the Governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria. 

The text read: “The current half-entry public policies are openly made to privilege certain groups that exert pressure on the Legislative Branch (students, teachers, etc…). A rich student pays half-priced in the cinema, while a poor manual worker – who, ironically, does not study because he is poor – pays the entire entrance fee.” 

The elderly have been able to pay for half-price entry at Sao Paulo establishments and stadiums since 2003, while students, people with disabilities and low-income young people aged 15 to 29 have benefitted from the scheme since 2013. 

Sao Paulo is one of Brazil’s largest cities with over 12 million inhabitants, meaning the half-price tickets could potentially drive more fans towards cultural events and attractions.

Image: Jonatan Moerman on Unsplash