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Tuboleta welcomes new management addition

Sofia Higuera has joined the general management team at Colombian ticketing company Tuboleta. 

Higuera will hold the responsibility of maintaining the company and developing new strategies, focusing on digital transformation and exploring new business opportunities. 

The announcement comes as Hernando Sánchez Gil leaves the management of the company after 21 years with Tuboleta, which tickets around 1500 events per year. Sánchez will remain on the board of directors. 

Higuera said: “My goal is to keep Tuboleta as the benchmark in the ticketing industry and accelerate its technological transformation process with the aim of innovating and facing what the digital world means today.” 

Prior to joining the management of Tuboleta, Higuera has worked with the creation of business strategies, negotiation and adaptation to new markets. 

During his time at Tuboleta, Sánchez grew the company and is now one of the biggest ticketing platforms for live shows and entertainment in Colombia. 

Sánchez added: “I want to thank each of the entrepreneurs, allies and collaborators who have teamed up with me over the years, now I will have a role as a management advisor and from the board of directors I will continue to be active on Tuboleta’s strategy.” 

Image: sthanley de León on Unsplash