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Real Madrid transforms fan engagement through NFTs

Lava has enabled fans of Spanish LaLiga football club Real Madrid to collect smart ticket non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via Flow blockchain, and trade with other fans across the globe.  

The NFTs, powered by Application Programming Interface (API) software platform Lava and launched on Flow, were first available at the end of September at the club’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (pictured). 

The smart ticket NFT now means that select fans and partners can receive exclusive rewards on their digital smart ticket. The fans and partners can then redeem digital currency on digital items, designed specifically for the event or match they are attending. 

Real Madrid’s chief transformation officer Michael Sutherland said: “Leveraging NFTs, Real Madrid is giving our fans the opportunity to invest in themselves, collect exclusive digital items, and own a piece of the online world. 

“It’s fundamentally game changing for the fan experience. Because they’re digital, NFTs give us the ability to create a whole new experience layer for fans who have limited abilities to connect with the club beyond watching a live match. In the future, NFTs will enable the club to connect with our fans where they are, online or offline.” 

Dapper Labs developed Flow blockchain to make it easier for developers to build applications, at scale, on the blockchain. 

Mickey Maher, senior vice president of partnerships at Dapper Labs, said: “It’s exciting to see Lava and Real Madrid use NFTs in an innovative way to bring new experiences to sports fans across the globe. 

“Our collaboration with Real Madrid and Lava to bring the Smart Ticket NFT on Flow to more than 600 million Real Madrid fans is another step in our shared commitment in revolutionising the fan experience.” 

Lava’s chief executive Wen Miao added: “Every brand is looking for ways to deeply engage their customers in every moment and in every way. We’re thrilled to work with Real Madrid to revolutionise the fan experience whether you’re at the stadium or at home. 

“Through smart ticket NFTs, fans will receive privileges for unique experiences, collectibles, and digital currency. With Lava, Real Madrid will bring the fan experience to you, to your neighbourhood, at your favourite store or at your favourite restaurant. As NFTs last forever, the fan experience will never end.” 

Image: Manuel Nöbauer on Unsplash