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Scottish nightclub closes dance floor amid drop in revenue

Edinburgh-based nightclub LuLu’s has been forced to close its dance floor and replace it with tables and chairs to by-pass Scotland’s COVID-19 passport scheme. 

Lulu’s has closed its dance floor as the managing director of the club said the COVID-19 passport scheme has perpetrated a drop in revenue. 

From October 1, punters have had to prove they have been doubly vaccinated against coronavirus in order to enter a nightclub, attend unseated indoor and outdoor live events with more than 4,000 people, and visit any events with a capacity of more than 10,000 people present.

By not having a dance floor and having a seating area instead, Lulu’s will not require customers to show a vaccine passport to enter, in line with the scheme. 

Lulu’s managing director Innes Bolt told Edinburgh Live: “We have experienced a significant decline in footfall resulting in a crash in our sales which meant that Lulu was running at a loss. 

“To protect our staff, promoters and business, we have removed the designated dance floor and reconfigured our space. Instead, we have created a new seating area, bringing in additional furniture to occupy that space and repositioning our DJ booth. 

“This change will allow us to maintain a sage and controlled environment throughout.” 

Image: David Jackson on Unsplash