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Lovetovisit.com set to launch tourism platform

UK tech start-up Lovetovisit.com is set to launch a mobile-optimised web app to help people find and book things to do in the UK, easily and all in one place. 

Lovetovisit.com is investing over £3.5m ($4.7m/€4.1m) in its app, which is due to launch in the UK this month. The platform already has over 1,200 venues, attractions and experiences registered for pre-launch. 

Visitors will be able to find inspiration, browse and book from a range of free and paid UK attractions, events and experiences including arts and theatres. Users will not have to leave the platform to book tickets due to the ticketing being integrated. 

Co-founders Alice Aubrey, Georgia Aubrey and Fed Pereira created Lovetovisit.com in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The three have over 30 years of industry experience in marketing tourism businesses. 

Chief executive and co-founder Pereira said: “Lovetovisit.com is so much more than an aggregator site. Our commitment to user experience drives every decision on the platform to make sure audiences will love it. It’s inspiring, fun, and easy to use – people will want to spend time on there. 

“Finding things to do online is fragmented, time consuming and frustrating. We’ve solved that issue by pulling everything together in one place – think Airbnb, Instagram and Just Eat combined into one platform for the leisure sector, to help people make the most of their free time.”

Partnerships director and co-founder Georgia Aubrey said: “We have tens of thousands of events already plugged into the platform, from over 1,200 free and paid for venues, attractions and experiences, with more being added every day. 

“We’re counting down to our consumer launch next month, and encourage both paid and free organisations across the arts, tourism and culture sectors to join us, promoting themselves to huge new audiences. Everyone is welcome to use Lovetovisit.com.” 

Content director and co-founder Alice Aubrey added: “Content is another way in which we are differentiating ourselves and making the platform fun and informative for our users, with our own team of journalists writing original, inclusive content that no-one else is providing. 

“We’re proud of what we’ve built and really excited for the launch.”

Image: Lovetovisit.com