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Lily’s data flows beyond Norway

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Lily is making life a little easier for venues and promoters in Norway. She’s a piece of SaaS ‘middleware’ which helps smooth data flows between some of the biggest ticketing businesses and popular email marketing services, such as Mailchimp.

Developed by Oslo-based tech company HCL Nordic, Lily is now being used by more than 50 customers in Norway, including some of the country’s leading theatres and culture houses.

HCL Nordic claims that the “transfer and segmentation of data is done automatically, enabling clients to extract valuable data about existing and potential future ticket buyers over time. Lily accelerates the flow of new marketing consents produced in the ticketing system and makes sure that no valuable data gets left behind.”

The platform removes several steps in data transfer – not least the often tedious task of adding tags to customers and transactions, along with data legal compliance requirements. It has currently built integrations with Eventim and Ticketmaster.

Olavshallen, one of Norway’s most prominent multipurpose venues, has been using Lily since June 2020. The venue recently reopened after an extensive renovation, expanding to six concert halls, four restaurants and a gallery.

“We needed a seamless and more effective way of communicating with our audience, both with email and SMS,” says Marit Glimstad, Olavshallen’s Marketing and Communications Manager (pictured right). “Lily helps us increase the satisfaction rate of our customers and at the same time makes our everyday tasks easier through automation.”

It is a view shared by Eventim’s local boss: “The integration between Eventim and Mailchimp through Lily helps our clients communicate with their audience with the right message at the right time”, says Marcia Titley, Administrative Director for Eventim Norway.

Claus Lorentzen, Founder and CEO of HCL Nordic (pitured left) tells TheTicketingBusiness that the firm is now “working together with Eventim and also Ticketmaster to further expand the adoption of Lily in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.”