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Scandinavian design and the modernisation of the box office

Tix Ticketing announced one of its most prestigious partnerships to date when it went live with Dutch concert venue Het Concertgebouw recently.

The cloud-based ticketing services provider, founded in Iceland in 2014, is expanding rapidly across Europe and has ambitious plans for its own growth and the possibilities for the box office of the future. Tix Ticketing outlines its vision below…

Scandinavian design is synonymous with elegant simplicity, clean lines and high functionality. World renowned consumer brands like Lego, Volvo, Ikea and Spotify leverage these design principles to offer high value products at cost-effective pricing.

Finding the right balance of form and function, ease of use and longevity is a challenge with which the event management industry has long struggled, particularly when it comes to executing nimble, appealing and efficient ticketing operations strategies.

Perhaps, the next evolution for the modernisation of the box office includes these Nordic principles. That is the vision espoused by Iceland-founded Tix Ticketing, which has progressed into major markets across Europe in the last two years.

“We see the future of ticketing encompassing more than the event ticket purchase itself,” said Hrefna Sif Jónsdóttir, Chief Operating Officer at Tix Ticketing.

“It creates an immersive experience for the ticket buyer by incorporating conveniences across their event experience, whether how to handle ticket exchanges to making merchandise and concession purchases in advance or on their mobile device at the event. For example, integrations with services like DineOut can increase an event’s positive impact on surrounding businesses.

“The event experience reminds us of our travels. We love how we feel when we reach our destination but we hate the roadblocks and inelegant transportation processes we must navigate to get there.”

Jónsdóttir added: “Ticketing operations transports patrons to their event experiences. It should be modern, interconnected, scalable, user-friendly and fun, like Lego. The underlying system supporting it should be as graceful and sophisticated as it is sturdy and safe, like Volvo, yet simple, customisable, affordable and promote self-service like Ikea.”

Untapped opportunities

Tix Ticketing has set about bringing its vision for the modern and future box office to life. Its team coheres Nordic design principles and efficiencies with innovations within and outside of the ticketing industry to direct where it can take its platform and services. It has developed a robust yet light-weight, cloud-based system that eliminates cumbersome installations and superfluous integrations, featuring contemporary CRM tools that enable customer segmentation and insightful sales reports.

As it becomes increasingly imperative for the box office to live wherever and whenever potential patrons consume content online, Tix Ticketing offers the contemporary content management features that will help customers quickly and easily create email and online promotions, connected through high quality APIs to automatically update their sites with the latest information and events.

Tix Ticketing strongly believes there are significant untapped opportunities for creating integrated, shoppable merchandising and concessions packages, alongside ticketing, to offer patrons new, convenient, fun options and importantly, new revenue opportunities for venues and event producers.

Einar Þór Gústafsson, Tix Ticketing’s Vice President of Product and Engineering, said: “We think it’s important, as venues and event producers consider how to deepen the patron experience for each of their exceptional events, to look to technology solutions that consider both user experiences: the venue and the patron.

“Modernisation of ticketing operations strategies and the virtualisation and replication of the box office require fast adaptation, the ability to leverage emerging trends and connectivity between new technologies and desktop and mobile platforms.”

Tix Ticketing considers in its features and services the entirety of the event experience, from the simplicity with which tickets and ticket packages are bought or exchanged, to how someone arrives and experiences the event itself.

“Customer customisation and self-service will be central to the future of ticketing and sales operations,” Gústafsson added.

“Ticket buyers want more control over changes in their plans, such as changing event dates and seats, buying additional products and forwarding tickets to others. We think the cancellation and refund process should be as frictionless as the purchase, reducing both system and staff burdens while making the customer journey enjoyable.”

Tix Ticketing is a sponsor of TheTicketingBusiness Forum, the world’s No.1 B2B ticketing business meeting, which will take place from December 2-3, 2021 at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester

Images: Hans Roggen/Tix Ticketing

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